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Syyclops connects all building data - physical, dynamic, human, product, and more - to make that data accessible and actionable, to house both resources and records, and to get you organized.

Your space, our expertise.

Cutting edge features

Continuous Connections

Keep your buildings 'always-on' with continuous connectivity for real-time monitoring, rapid issue resolution, proactive maintenance, and optimized energy use. SYYCLOPS leverages IoT sensors to create a real-time digital replica of your building, enabling constant data collection and analysis for informed decision-making and enhanced performance. Facility managers can set trends, use an anomaly detection platform, virtually troubleshoot issues, boost productivity, and gain insights for effective communication.

Actionable Heat Maps

Syyclops uses real-time data to generate heat maps of sensors, energy usage, asset RUL, and work orders. With facilities generating massive amounts of data, actionable heat maps at the GIS and building level help quickly assess alert severity and manage fixes effectively. Focus on solving issues rather than managing alerts.

Facility Condition Assessments

Syyclops leverages real-time data and operational insights to generate on-demand facility condition assessment (FCA) views. Traditional FCAs are simplistic and fail to capture the true state of assets. Syyclops focuses on critical dynamic assets like HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, assessed by professional engineers who understand MEP equipment design.

Superior Data Management

Data Studio is your central hub for viewing, editing, and managing all asset data for your building. Seamlessly link and monitor IoT devices, access all asset types, spaces, and components, and quickly create new instances. Built-in tools simplify asset management by parsing complex data, ensuring efficient and effective control of your building's assets.

Syyclops users have instant access to things like maintenance logs, equipment manuals, training videos and even information about product recalls. This information helps to identify and address issues or faulty systems, reducing the risk of an accident or missed maintenance.

There's a product recall. 
How do you locate all instances of the product on your campus?

With access to the data in Syyclops, anyone from operations managers to CFOs can conduct capital expenditure planning with greater fidelity and fewer surprises. Syyclops can pinpoint which assets are in need of repair, facilitate smarter purchasing and offer greater certainty about operating costs in the future.

How much will you be spending on critical equipment in 10 years?

Syyclops is a powerful prop-tech software that can give maintenance professionals and CFOs a continuous connection to their buildings, and thus, better, more accurate, more actionable and more complete information about their facilities.

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Our Customers

Syyclops has been adopted by leading institutions

With Syyclops, maintenance staff become more effective, knowledgeable and productive. Syyclops facilitates a transfer of knowledge through generations of staff by storing records, resources and on-site, at-the-asset recodings. All information about a system or a piece of equipment is available in just a few clicks.

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Beta Program Launched July 20th, 2024!

Extend the Life of Your Critical Assets in Just 3 Clicks: Join Syclops Beta for 3D Facility Models, Real-Time Sensor Data, and More!

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