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Syyclops connects all building data - physical, dynamic, human, product and more; to make that data accessible and actionable; to house both resources and records; and to get you completely organized.

Your space, our expertise.

Cutting edge features

Continuous Connections

“Always-on” is what your buildings are. A continuous connection is what’s needed to manage them effectively and efficiently.

Actionable Heat Maps

Syyclops uses real-time, streaming data from your buildings to generate a heat-map of aspects including Sensors, Energy usage, Asset RUL, Work orders.

Facility Condition Assessments

Syyclops uses real-time information and actual operational awareness of equipment and building sections in order to generate assessment reports on demand.


Adapt your existing BIM models within no time. Or get us to help you build a BIM within a short time.

Syyclops users have instant access to things like maintenance logs, equipment manuals, training videos and even information about product recalls. This information helps to identify and address issues or faulty systems, reducing the risk of an accident or missed maintenance.

There's A Recall; Do You Have The Product In Use Anywhere On Your Campus?

Syyclops is a powerful prop-tech software that can give maintenance professionals and CFOs a continuous connection to their buildings, and thus, better, more accurate, more actionable and more complete information about their facilities.

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Syyclops can provide on-demand, real-time information on things like asset performance, the remaining useful life of an asset, or its maintenance history. With this information, you can ensure your organization spends maintenance dollars where they’re needed most, avoiding unnecessary expenses and repairs.

Want A Weekly Report on Your Asset Conditions?

With access to the data in Syyclops, anyone from operations managers to CFOs can conduct capital expenditure planning with greater fidelity and fewer surprises. Syyclops can pinpoint which assets are in need of repair, facilitate smarter purchasing and offer greater certainty about operating costs in the future.

Want To Know How Much You're Going To Need To Spend On Big Equipment In 10 years?
Our Customers

Syyclops has been adopted by leading institutions

With Syyclops, maintenance staff become more effective, knowledgeable and productive. Syyclops facilitates a transfer of knowledge through generations of staff by storing records, resources and on-site, at-the-asset recodings. All information about a system or a piece of equipment is available in just a few clicks.

Do Your Maintenance Staff Have The Information They Need?

Want to sign up?

If you would like to try or join Syyclops, please request an invite by sending us an email and our customer support will get back to you with all information about pricing etc.

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