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Digital Twins and IDEA conference

Syyclops was on a panel with the granddaddy of Digital Twin companies, Ecodomus/Siemens. The panel discussion was well attended by many higher education facility managers as part of the International District Energy Association Thermal workshop. Two things became clear from the workshop, people are very interested in the digital twin technology and they do not know where to start. Some of the poignant moments in the panel, were the hololens demonstration and the lively discussion on is a digital twin a solution looking for a problem.

ConEdison was also represented on the panel and has begun the journey of organizing their data into a common platform or data layer to allow for future consumption by AI machines. They are very forward thinking and there was much to learn from their voyage

There is tremendous validation that we are on the right path with the education and development of digital twins for the built environment based on the feedback of many of the attendees.

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