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Easier And Productive Preventative Maintenance With Syyclops

Digital twin technology has revolutionized the way we approach maintenance in various industries. It allows for the creation of a virtual replica of a physical asset, providing real-time data and insights into the asset’s performance and potential issues. This allows for proactive maintenance, rather than reactive maintenance, which can save time, money, and improve overall efficiency.

We are excited to announce the integration of a new software module for preventative maintenance into our digital twin platform. Syyclops has integrated a preventative maintenance feature which provides an informative interface for asset schedules, and tasks to ensure long-lasting asset life cycle. This module has several key features to help maintenance teams stay organized and efficient.

First, the module includes a one-look maintenance schedule categorized by discipline – architecture, mechanical, electrical, or plumbing. This allows maintenance teams to easily see what tasks need to be completed and by which discipline, making it easier to coordinate and prioritize tasks. Our holistic approach allows for a top to bottom workflow which starts with the 4 main engineering disciplines – Architectural, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical.

Preventative Maintenance Annual Schedule by discipline

Preventative Maintenance utilize the industry standards for asset maintenance scheduling, including ASHRAE Standard I-80-2018, electrical XX, etc. IOT and building controls data can help in customized preventive maintenance tasks.

In addition to the maintenance schedule, the module also includes a detailed tasks checklist for each maintenance action. This ensures that all necessary steps are completed and helps to prevent missed tasks or oversights.

Tasks under each action for a particular equipment in the building

Finally, the module allows users to create a pre-filled work order for individual or multiple actions. This streamlines the process of creating work orders and ensures that all necessary information is included.

Create, assign and track work orders directly from the preventative maintenance schedule

Overall, this new software module for preventative maintenance is a valuable addition to our digital twin platform. It helps maintenance teams stay organized and efficient, leading to improved asset performance and reduced downtime.

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