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CEO speaking in Panel for Digital Twin and Integration with AI - Session 2: Living in the Matrix - AI, Simulation and Data Informed Decisions

One of the largest and most respected conferences in the US will took place in San Francisco, CA - the Campus Energy 2024 "Bridge to the Future". This conference has many well respected higher education facility planners as well as leaders in the campus energy infrastructure space. Most of the market is realizing to truly realize energy savings and energy efficiency in campus operations, we will need to deploy advanced data analytics layered in the AI. The only way for AI to be useful however, is to get your data digital ready for the various LLM's to process. This is not an easy step, but it must be undertaken for true actionable insights.

As ideas across the various institutions are shared for large scale campuses who operate millions of square footage, we will coalesce on the digital twin platform technology to evolve campus operations.

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