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Syyclops Reaches Quarter-Million Square Feet Mark

Updated: Jan 16

Washington, DC–Syyclops, maker of prop-tech/fintech software by the same name, today announced that it can now integrate with work order portals and that it now offers users a work-order-to-RFP fulfillment module – meaning that users can now solicit bids for maintenance services or supplies right from the Syyclops software, the moment a work order is initiated.

“Syyclops is all about bringing greater efficiency to the facilities management process,” Syyclops founder Raj Setty said. “Anyone who’s spent time in the field will tell you it’s a messy, barbaric process. With Syyclops, you can bring all your data together in one place so that you have a real-time picture of how your building is performing and can make better decisions as a result of that information.”

The work order portal integration and the work-order-to-RFP module both accelerate the speed at which maintenance and repairs are performed on campuses. They also enable users to prioritize maintenance activity and to preserve a record of that activity so that it can be accessed and utilized later, further driving efficiency and savings.

“With this funding we will continue to evolve the platform from its already paradigm-shifting state,” Setty continued. “Our early customers are already seeing results from Syyclops and this funding will help us build on those successes and bring the technology to even more users. We’re excited about all that’s to come and look forward to keeping our investors abreast of our progress.”

About Syyclops:

Syyclops is paradigm-shifting, prop-tech software that uses artificial intelligence and proprietary technology to bring much-needed efficiency, awareness and insight to construction and facilities management. It allows users to create a virtual twin of their buildings and view real-time systems and asset data in seconds. On demand. Easy to use. Unparalleled visibility and forecasting.

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