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Syyclops Adds Real-Time Facility Condition Assessments

Updated: Jan 16

Washington, DC–Syyclops, maker of prop-tech/fintech software by the same name, today announced a massive update to its paradigm-shifting software. New features include: a new navigation portal, a game motion interface, a detailed asset schedule view and a real-time, graphical heat map of user buildings. These updates further separate Syyclops from its competition, delivering a far more complex and intuitive user experience.

“These new updates allow a user to ‘walk through’ a digital twin of their buildings,” Syyclops founder Raj Setty said. “We’re glad to be able to bring this unprecedented level of insight to users, right at their fingertips.”

More information on the Syyclops updates follows below.

Navigation Portal: This update involves making the software’s UI more intuitive and, thus, easier to use. Within just four clicks a user can access just about anything they need from Syyclops.

Game Motion Interface: This update, drawing on innovative and popular video gaming technology, enhances the experience a user has “walking” their building. With this feature, Syyclops’s ability to instantly bring information to users is amplified. On a virtual walkabout, a user can access an asset in context and immediately find information about its status, history and, for example, its projected remaining useful life.

A Detailed Asset Schedule View: This new feature provides greater detail, in fewer clicks, to a user while maintaining a relevant and useful level of detail. An asset schedule and all of its corresponding details are presented to a user in an intuitive and engaging way and are, thus, much more meaningful and actionable.

Real-Time, Graphical Heat Maps: With this update, users can get an immediate, visual representation of their buildings’ status. Their eyes are drawn immediately to areas of opportunity or concern and, within Syyclops, all the data they need about how to rectify or capitalize on them is at their fingertips.

“We’re already hearing good feedback from our users on these updates,” Setty continued. “We look forward to continuing to integrate their ideas for how to make Syyclops even more valuable to them going forward.”

About Syyclops:

Syyclops is paradigm-shifting, prop-tech software that uses artificial intelligence and proprietary technology to bring much-needed efficiency, awareness and insight to construction and facilities management. It allows users to create a virtual twin of their buildings and view real-time systems and asset data in seconds. On demand. Easy to use. Unparalleled visibility and forecasting.

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