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Our Founder Raj Setty To Present & Demo To 2 Capital Area Schools &Maintenance Organizations

Updated: Jan 26

Washington, DC–Syyclops, provider of next generation digital twin technology by the same name, today announced that its Founder and Chief Executive, Raj Setty, PE, will be speaking at two upcoming events convening facilities management professionals: the Virginia School Plant Management Association (VSPMA) Annual Conference October 20-23 in Blacksburg, Virginia and a DC, Maryland and Virginia Independent Schools Association (DMVISA) luncheon on March 5 in Middleburg, Virginia.

“As we’ve helped more and more customers the education space, I’m very pleased to be able to showcase the results we’ve delivered on campuses in the area to other organizations who can benefit from the same savings and efficiencies,” Syyclops Founder and Chief Executive Officer Raj Setty said. “I’m very much looking forward to both events and to meeting more of each group’s members.”

For more information about the VSPMA event, visit:

To learn more about the DMVISA event, visit:

About Syyclops:

Syyclops is next generation digital twin software that uses artificial intelligence and proprietary technology to bring much-needed efficiency, awareness and insight to construction and facilities management. It allows users to create a virtual twin of their buildings and view real-time systems and asset data in seconds. On demand. Easy to use. Unparalleled visibility and forecasting.

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