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Data Aggregation And Accumulation Analysis Tool In Partnership With Industry-Leading AI Patner

Updated: Jan 16

Washington, DC-Syyclops, maker of prop-tech/fintech software by the same name, today announced that it has launched a data aggregation and accumulation analysis tool, working with an industry-leading AI partner.

Customers are increasing looking at how and more importantly why to integrate artificial intelligence into their facility management operations, Syyclops founder Raj Setty said. By bringing AI into Syyclops we are showing customers how they can enable their buildings to tell them how to run them more efficiently. This was the vision for Syyclops all along to remove waste and inefficiency from the facilities management process and to proactively identify ways to make it better overall.

The beta AI integration underway presently is helping select Syyclops users query the data in Syyclops by asking it a question and, after supplying any required clarifying information, viewing a response from the system. The capability leverages artificial intelligence expertise from a market leader in the space, whose insight engine provides an end-to-end pipeline for ingesting, storing, and enriching data and is in place across myriad industries and organizations.

Syyclops looks to formally add this capability, following this initial beta test, later this year.

About Syyclops:

Syyclops is paradigm-shifting, prop-tech software that uses artificial intelligence and proprietary technology to bring much-needed efficiency, awareness and insight to construction and facilities management. It allows users to create a virtual twin of their buildings and view real-time systems and asset data in seconds. On demand. Easy to use. Unparalleled visibility and forecasting.

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