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With access to the data in Syyclops, anyone from operations managers to CFOs can conduct capital expenditure planning with greater fidelity and fewer surprises. Syyclops can pinpoint which assets are in need of repair, facilitate smarter purchasing and offer greater certainty about operating costs in the future.

Want To Know How Much Your're Going To Need To Spend On Critical Capital Equipment In 10 years?

Using Syyclops FCA tool and preventative maintenance budgeting tool, users will be able to set up a comprehensive asset centric maintenance plan.  By following the task based preventative maintenance which has been scripted by an engineer for each asset, a true condition of your critical assets will be stored in your work order system or Syyclops work order system.  As the data profile of your critical asset is created over time, the probability range of a failure will gain certainty.  We know all critical assets will fail at some point in time, wouldn't be nice to know within a 1-2 year range for budgeting?  That is the goal for Syyclops in ties role a building operator co-pilot.

Predicative Maintenance

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