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Syyclops can provide on-demand, real-time information on things like asset performance, the remaining useful life of an asset, or its maintenance history. With this information, you can ensure your organization spends maintenance dollars where they’re needed most, avoiding unnecessary expenses and repairs.

Want A Weekly Report on Your Asset Conditions?

When you are investigating an asset, there should be a comprehensive asset display which shows manuals, word order history, model numbers, physical attributes, dynamic attributes and engineering attributes in one single pane of glass.  With Syyclops. proprietary knowledge base built on top of the domain knowledge of decades of engineering and commissioning expertise, the data interpretations will provide a true asset condition view.  

After the descriptive data is introduced and categorized, Syyclops will introduce live building management System (BMS) data with trends and real time values for further analysis.  Asset conditions assessments need to answer why your asset is not performing in real time and most importantly help the operators solve the why and return your building systems back to operational excellence?

Real Time Asset Inventory

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