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With Syyclops, maintenance staff become more effective, knowledgeable and productive. Syyclops facilitates a transfer of knowledge through generations of staff by storing records, resources and on-site, at-the-asset recodings. All information about a system or a piece of equipment is available in just a few clicks.

Do Your maintenance Staff Have The Information They Need?
​Empower and Collaborate

​Our digital twin is more than a mere tool; it's a catalyst for empowerment and collaboration in the realm of asset management and building operation. By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, our platform empowers users to not only visualize but actively influence the performance and lifecycle of assets within their virtual representation. The app's user-friendly interface and intuitive controls empower individuals across various departments, fostering a sense of ownership and expertise in asset management.


Collaboration is at the core of our digital twin philosophy. Teams can seamlessly share insights, contribute to maintenance strategies, and collectively enhance decision-making processes. The ability to collaborate in real-time within the digital twin environment ensures that stakeholders are always on the same page, promoting a culture of shared responsibility and optimizing asset performance through collective intelligence. 

​Unlocking Wisdom

​In the dynamic world of facilities maintenance, the transfer of knowledge plays a pivotal role in ensuring operational excellence. Syyclops recognizes the challenges associated with capturing, preserving, and disseminating valuable insights within the industry.

1. Documentation and Retrieval: Digital twins act as a centralized repository for all maintenance-related data. Every operation, repair, or upgrade is meticulously documented, ensuring that institutional knowledge is not only captured comprehensively but is also readily accessible at the click of a button.

2. Historical Performance: Understanding the past is key to predicting the future. Our digital twin allows for in-depth analysis of historical performance data, enabling maintenance teams to identify patterns, trends, and best practices that can be applied to current and future challenges.

3. Collaborative Problem Solving: Digital twins serve as collaborative platforms where maintenance teams can collectively address challenges. Through real-time communication and shared insights, knowledge is exchanged seamlessly, fostering a collaborative culture that empowers teams to solve problems more efficiently.

4. Remote Expert Assistance: Our digital twin facilitates real-time collaboration with experts, regardless of geographical locations. This ensures that knowledge transfer is not limited by physical boundaries, allowing teams to access expertise precisely when needed.

5. Continuous Learning: The dynamic nature of a digital twin encourages a culture of continuous learning. As new technologies and methodologies emerge, the platform evolves, ensuring that maintenance teams are always equipped with the latest knowledge to enhance their operations.

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