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Syyclops users have instant access to things like maintenance logs, equipment manuals, training videos and even information about product recalls. This information helps to identify and address issues or faulty systems, reducing the risk of an accident or missed maintenance.

There's A Recall; Do You Have The Product In Use Anywhere On Your Campus?

Finding your information.

Fast, easy, connected.

By Space

Spaces are critical for locating and fixing equipment that is easily recognizable for all stakeholders, most commonly the tenants within the space.

By System

Building Operators understand how their building is connected between rooms, and equipment. 

By Discipline

Contractors and managing branches are best at finding equipment based on their department of expertise.

By IoT

Real-Time data can identify spaces, and assets utilizing work orders, room sensors, equipment sensors etc. 

Asset Details

Within the Asset Details of our digital twin, we prioritize a comprehensive overview, particularly when it comes to recalled equipment. This specialized segment provides users with a access to specifications, recall history and the ability to attach documentation associated with each recalled asset.


Users can delve into the specifics of why an asset has been recalled, track its historical performance in relation to the recall event, and access any relevant updates or modifications made to ensure compliance and safety. This focused recall asset information not only aids in understanding the reasons behind a recall but also streamlines the decision-making process for maintenance, replacement, or compliance measures.


Our commitment to transparency and precision in presenting asset details underscores our dedication to facilitating efficient, informed management within the digital twin environment

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