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Syyclops uses real-time information and actual operational awareness of equipment and building sections in order to generate assessment reports on demand.

Facility Condition Assessments

To put it simply, the current method of creating FCA’s is simplistic and not accurately capturing the state of the asset.  At Syyclops, we focus on the critical dynamic assets of HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.  We are professional registered engineers who know how to assess MEP equipment because we know how to design a new system. 


Let’s take the example of a chiller in your facility.  This is one of the most critical pieces of equipment and represents a single point of failure.  Your chiller will fail on the hottest day of the year typically because that is when it is under the most strain and operating at its highest levels.  The current FCA practice, is to gather the chiller nameplate, look at it’s date of install, add 15 years and tell the owner its remaining useful life (RUL).  That is partially helpful for budgeting but their is no insight into chiller equipment system. 

We focus on the critical dynamic assets

Syyclops, will take the operating BMS data, the preventative maintenance history and work orders to create a more realistic RUL.  If the chiller has run at peak and part load for 6500 hours out of 8760 hours in a year, when it was designed to run closer to 4000 hours, we have obviously reduced it’s RUL.  If the chiller bundles have never been cleaned or the refrigerant never re-filled or changed, it will impact the RUL.  If the chiller ran in hand (manual) mode and not automatic, it will reduce it’s RUL.  If the chiller discharge was 42F but was designed for 44 F, it will impact the RUL.  If the chiller did not run for 14 months during COVID, the RUL is impacted favorably.  Syyclops strives to bring all of these data sources into a singular RUL calculation that gives the owner a better insight into their true RUL.  The goal or a true Syyclops FCA, is to reduce the variance and unpredictability of when a piece of equipment will fail or begin operating inefficiently. 


Wouldn’t it be nice, if you could ask Syyclops, tell me how to operate my chiller to get another 2 years of RUL?  That is our true sustainability mission.

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