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Adapt your existing BIM models within no time. Or get us to help you build a BIM within a short time.

Building information modeling - BIM

During the construction as-built handover process, the BIM model is a wealth of data and information.  The industry has strived to do a better job on the handover and transition of this information but most building managers and operators do not have BIM software expertise.  Syyclops will take the BIM model and drive it into its unique web page-based gaming interface.  We want the operators to focus on their building and the problems, not how to manipulate software.


If there is no BIM model, then Syyclops will create the BIM facility model.  Since our core business is designing and creating BIM models, we have built the systems and efficiency to deliver the models from existing pdf’s very rapidly.


Syyclops is built by design and construction registered professional engineers and commissioning agents, who know how to solve the problems facing facility staff every day.  We are engineers developing software for the built environment.

A wealth of data and information

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